Local Media: A Conversation with Michigan Radio Program Director Zoe Clark

Amanda and Alex talk with Zoe Clark to learn about the challenges of managing a “local” mission of state-wide service and how NPR stations are filling the gaps in communities that have lost local newspapers.

Zoe Clark is Michigan Radio's Program Director. Clark oversees all programming on the state's largest public radio station - including the station's award-winning newsroom, and co-hosts It's Just Politics, a weekly look at Michigan politics airing Monday mornings on Morning Edition.

New Technology Offers Public Media New Opportunities: A Conversation with Tamar Charney

In this episode, Tamar Charney, Managing Editor of National Public Radio's NPR One App talks with us about the technological opportunities available to public media. We learn a lot about how the app is expanding NPR's listeners by making listening more convenient (it's like a DVR for NPR). And we get to hear what a real radio voice sounds like.

Tamar Charney is the Managing Editor for NPR One where she creates and executes new editorial strategies for programming the app. Prior to working on NPR One, Charney was the Program Director of Michigan Radio where she managed on-air, online, and news strategy, as well as operations.

Challenges and Opportunities of NPR's Podcast Innovations--A Conversation with Lynette Clemetson

Lynette Clemetson starts off our look at U.S. public media in the digital age with a rich discussion of how NPR took advantage of journalists forced out of print, developed podcasts, and found new ways to serve audiences with digital technology. Not to get all meta but, some great insight on how podcasts differ from radio from a content as well as business perspective. 

Lynette Clemetson is the Charles R. Eisendrath Director of Wallace House, home of the Knight-Wallace Fellowships for Journalists and the Livingston Awards for Young Journalists at the University of Michigan. Lynette spent several years as a magazine and newspaper reporter before moving into media strategy and leadership, and was Senior Director of Strategy and Content Initiatives at National Public Radio where she guided projects across broadcast, digital and events.