Public Media: What Is It, Why Do We Need It?

This episode launches a multi-episode consideration of public media--media that are not media businesses, but a vital part of our media ecosystem nonetheless. In this opening episode, Amanda and Alex explore what counts as public media in the U.S., how it is funded and organized, and its different purpose and measures of success. This article by Jesse Romero also provides some great background.

Global Dynamics of Digital Media

Amanda and Alex explore some of the many ways digital distribution is leading media industries to adjust their global strategies. In particular, we discuss the emergence of services such as Netflix (of course) that are redefining the previously national boundaries of television distribution and discuss some of the complexities for film as well.

Summer Digest: Future of Media

Amanda and Alex catch up and think big in this supersized podcast. We pull out key themes that emerged in the Future of Digital Media Businesses talks and Alex's interviews with theater executives. Amanda hints at some new preliminary thinking and uses Alex's insights from the theater industry to reimagine a future for film.