Local Media: A Conversation with Lenfest's Joseph Lichterman

In our final interview of the Local Media series, Amanda and Alex talk with Joseph Lichterman, a senior business associate at the Lenfest Institute for Journalism. We talk about the insight he gained researching and writing 300 stories about news outlets on six continents for Nieman Journalism Lab and through producing the Solution Set newsletter, which examines experimentation in local news.

Local Media: A Conversation with Michigan Radio Program Director Zoe Clark

Amanda and Alex talk with Zoe Clark to learn about the challenges of managing a “local” mission of state-wide service and how NPR stations are filling the gaps in communities that have lost local newspapers.

Zoe Clark is Michigan Radio's Program Director. Clark oversees all programming on the state's largest public radio station - including the station's award-winning newsroom, and co-hosts It's Just Politics, a weekly look at Michigan politics airing Monday mornings on Morning Edition.

Local Media: A Conversation with Neil Chase, Bay Area News Group

Alex and Amanda talk with Neil Chase, Executive Editor of the Bay Area News Group. He is a veteran journalist and marketer with deep experience in print and digital news, who got his start at the San Francisco Examiner, and has been as a professor at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and held top spots at the business news site MarketWatch.com, The New York Times and Federated Media Publishing. 

Neil gives us a nuanced look at the role of ownership and types of local--it might not be about who owns you, but their approach to the business.

Local Media: A Conversation with Texas Tribune CEO Evan Smith

Alex and Amanda talk with Evan Smith, CEO of The Texas Tribune, a digital-only, not-for-profit news organization that operates in Texas. Evan joins us to discuss what he's learned about the opportunities and challenges for local, digital journalism, and be sure to note his definition of journalism around the 16 minute mark.

Inside Cinetopia – A Look at the Business of Film Festivals

In this episode, Alex goes to the Cinetopia Film Festival in Ann Arbor and Dearborn to learn more about the business of film festivals and the role they play in getting films distribution. First, Ariel Wan, Director of Marketing and Programming for the festival joins him in North Quad Studios to talk about the festival. Then, later in the episode, we hear from filmmakers whose films screened at the festival. The voices you'll hear in that segment: Bo Burnham (writer/director, "Eighth Grade"), Qasim Basir (co-writer/director, "A Boy. A Girl. A Dream."), Michael Curtis Johnson (writer/director, "Savage Youth") and Michael Dweck (director, "The Last Race"). 


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Aymar Jean Christian Talks Open TV and the Creative Possibilities of Internet-Distributed Television

Aymar Jean Christian joins Amanda in North Quad Studios to talk about his book Open TV: Innovation Beyond Hollywood and the Rise of Web Television which looks at the opportunities for web series in the early phase of internet-distributed video. We have a wide-ranging chat about the business behind these shows, the storytelling they made possible, how quickly the portal ecosystem changes, and our concerns about a post-net neutrality U.S.