Episode 4: TV Execs Lead Industry Forward

Alex and Amanda talk about the thought leadership offered by current television execs including John Landgraf, Ted Sarandos, Charlie Collier, and Les Moonves that suggests future directions for television. Discussion draws from these interviews and articles:

Charlie Collier, The Waltons to Walter White: The Rise of Immersive Content, ReDEF, Jan. 26. 2016

Alan Sepinwall, Ted Talk: State of the Netflix Union Discussion with Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos, HitFix, Jan 26, 2016

Lacey Rose and Marissa Guthrie, FX Chief John Landgraf on Content Bubble: This is Simply Too Much Television, The Hollywood Reporter, Aug. 7, 2015

Oriana Schwindt, Here's Why CBS Is the Future of Television No One Saw Coming (Except Les Moonves) International Business Times, Feb. 12, 2016