Author Interview: Portals: A Treatise on Internet-Distributed Television

Alex interviews Amanda about her new book that begins to make sense of questions such as "Is Netflix television?" Portals--a short book--explores how television distributed over the internet isn't a "new medium," but a new way to distribute television. The book considers how both the technological affordances of internet distribution and the predominant business model (subscriber funding) allow television to do new things, while in other ways it remains very similar to the business of television we've long known.

The Media Business Year in Review, So Long 2016

Amanda and Alex look back over the year to assess what we've learned and how the media businesses have changed and are changing and highlight a few stories to watch going into 2017. We close the show by looking back at our picks for the notable media produced by media businesses in 2016 and with a thank you listeners who've joined us as we complete our first year.

Here's a takeaway "maybe we need to think less about old media versus new media because it is increasingly all just big media."

The Media Business of an Election

Amanda and Alex look back at the election as a media business story. Contested elections with colorful characters are good for business, though data about what some media covered this cycle suggests they may not be good for an informed democracy. We also look at all we don't know about the next four years and what a Trump administration might mean for media policy.

More Portals!?!

Alex and Amanda turn again to the business of internet-distributed television to reflect on Amanda's refusal to say OTT, what moves by CBS with Star Trek: Discovery suggest about its strategy for CBS All Access, ABC's launch of its own portal, Disney's big spend for a share of BAMTech, and a variety of Hulu news.