The Business of Podcasting: An Interview with Alex Blumberg

Amanda and Alex are delighted to host Alex Blumberg, CEO and co-founder of Gimlet Media, to talk about the business of podcasting. Alex explains how and why Gimlet came to be and offers his assessment of the current and future market for podcasts.


Our thanks to Lynette Clemetson and the Knight-Wallace Fellows program for making Alex's visit possible.

2017 Media Business Year in Review

It's that time again--when we look back at the last 12 months and try to make sense of the stories with lasting importance. 2017 gave us a ride up to the end, with so much to discuss we had to supersize the episode. Media news doesn't nicely bind itself to the calendar though, so a fair bit of looking ahead to 2018 here as well. Enjoy and thank you for sharing another year of Media Business Matters with us!

Digital Tools for Local Public Media

Alex and Amanda talk with Laura Walker, President and CEO of New York Public Radio--the largest public radio station group in the nation and a major producer of audio content--about how digital distribution is affecting local public radio. We explore WNYC's podcasting and distribution strategies and the possibilities for local media.

Public Media in the UK: Digital Media Challenge the "Voice of God"

Alex and Amanda host John Shields, a BBC Editor, visiting as a Knight Wallace Fellow here at the University of Michigan’s Wallace House. We talk about the challenges and opportunities digitization has brought a public media institution with scope and history of the BBC as well as his project exploring the loss of public trust in broadcast media. 

John Shields has spent 14 years working for the BBC as Commissioning Editor for “Today” at BBC Radio 4, at the BBC’s Washington and Jerusalem bureaus, and has worked on co-productions with American Public Media’s “Marketplace.”

New Technology Offers Public Media New Opportunities: A Conversation with Tamar Charney

In this episode, Tamar Charney, Managing Editor of National Public Radio's NPR One App talks with us about the technological opportunities available to public media. We learn a lot about how the app is expanding NPR's listeners by making listening more convenient (it's like a DVR for NPR). And we get to hear what a real radio voice sounds like.

Tamar Charney is the Managing Editor for NPR One where she creates and executes new editorial strategies for programming the app. Prior to working on NPR One, Charney was the Program Director of Michigan Radio where she managed on-air, online, and news strategy, as well as operations.