Amandafesto--the blog--Coming Soon

Why on earth launch a blog in 2017? Good question. I was waiting to be sure about this whole internet thing? There just doesn’t seem to be enough to read online?

Many reasons, but mainly that I often have thoughts longer than 140 characters yet shorter, and likely to never be refined enough to be an article or book. When I write for other places I have to craft what I’m writing to that audience. If you are here, it’s of your own accord, so I’ll assume you’ll tolerate my choice to write about things in the way that interests and matters to me.

What will you find here? Another good question. Right now I imagine some things that are more casual than I’d write anywhere else. I increasingly receive “questions” from students or readers around the world. Their questions are interesting, and perhaps of interest to more than just the sender, so I’ll share my answers. Most days answering other people’s questions is easier than figuring out my own. I’ve also just finished a long project and I’m a long way from starting a new one. I still have questions, but the prospect of imagining them as the multi-year research project they’d need to be to be published in a journal or book is too daunting. So sometimes I may post things here that are decently fleshed out with sources and everything in the process of stumbling toward whatever comes next.

So send me your questions and feedback. I’ll likely disable comments because my creative and intellectual spirit is too fragile to withstand the spectacle of public feedback, but messages to will find me as long as people are decent.