Academic Publications

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Recent Publications

Lotz, A. D. (2016) “The Paradigmatic Evolution of U.S. Television and the Emergence of Internet-Distributed Television” Icono 14 Journal of Communication and Emergent Technologies, volume 14 (2), pp. 122-142. doi: 10.7195/ri14.v14i1.993

 Abstract: Television industries around the world have weathered profound change as technologies advanced and services developed to allow internet-distributed television to compete alongside broadcast and cable-distributed television. This article, drawn from the context of the U.S., explores the emergence of internet-distributed television as a mechanism that provides the affordance of nonlinear distribution. It assesses the preliminary organization of internet-distributed television by portals and explores the similarities and differences between portals and networks/channels with an eye toward conceptualizing emerging business practices and strategies.

Key Words: Television - Internet-distributed - Netflix - Subscriber-funded - Portals - Affordance - Nonlinear