Russ Collins

Summer Digest: Future of Media

Amanda and Alex catch up and think big in this supersized podcast. We pull out key themes that emerged in the Future of Digital Media Businesses talks and Alex's interviews with theater executives. Amanda hints at some new preliminary thinking and uses Alex's insights from the theater industry to reimagine a future for film. 

Industry Interview: A Conversation with an Art Film Exhibitor

Amanda and Alex take a field trip to the office of Russ Collins, Executive Director and CEO of the Michigan Theater and Creative Director of the Cinetopia Film Festival. Russ explains the particular dynamics of film exhibition outside the multiplex and a sector of filmgoing that remains alive and thriving. Our wide ranging conversation explores the challenges and opportunities of the art film sector, where that sector developed from, and the particularities of operating as a community-based, mission driven theater--all with our media business focus.