Television Studies charts the establishment of the field of television studies, examines its various approaches and objects of study, and provides an overview of its origins, central ideas, and intellectual traditions. Co-authored with Jonathan Gray.

What have been the primary areas of inquiry in television studies? Why and how did these areas develop? How have scholars studied them? How are they developing? What have been television studies’ key works? Television Studies answers these questions by tracing the history of the field right up to present and emerging scholarship.

For all those wondering how to study television, or even why to study television, Television Studies will provide a clear and engaging overview of key topics. The book works as a stand-alone introduction, and by placing key works in a broader context, it can also provide an excellent basis for an entire course.

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"A fantastic resource for scholars because it is an essential look back at the formation of the field, which makes the road ahead easier to see."--Communication Research Trends

"In this incredibly handy book, Gray and Lotz offer a concise, clear guide to state-of-the-art thinking. Covering how TV studies should be done; its history and its key aspect; and the importance of studying context alongside the classic trio of industry-program-audience, this 'Short Introduction' consistently makes the case for TV Studies' contemporary relevance, as well as for TV's cultural importance. The Meanings and technologies of television may be changing, but Gray and Lotz are supremely switched-on guides to the subject. If some shows are must-sees, then this is the intellectual equivalent - a must-read."--Matt Hills, Cardiff University

"Television Studies is the best introduction to the field available. Gray and Lotz present a comprehensive synthesis of the theories and methods that have defined television studies so far, bringing together a wide range of critical models for studying the medium's past, present and future. Undergraduates will love this highly engaging book."--Laurie Ouellette, University of Minnesota